Constable Care Programs

The Constable Care Foundation is a recognised leader in safety education for children and young people throughout Western Australia. Throughout their vibrant 32 year history the Foundation has effectively communicated safety and crime prevention concepts through performance-based education to millions of WA children. The foundation along with the Telethon Institute are providing a parents with the opportunity to attend a  free session on Parenting in the digital age

‘Parenting in the Digital Age’ will introduce you to a range of resources, from VR technology to cyber safety apps, all of which will assist in your parenting journey, leaving you confident and equipped with a digital parenting toolset.

This free event will feature several  30-minute presentations/workshops from Telethon Kids Institute and Constable Care Foundation. These will be broken up into primary school and secondary streams, so you can choose the presentations/workshops most relevant to you.

Also from the Constable Care Foundation is a short article on “How to Spot Fake News”. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, false information about the virus’ origins and various so-called cures abounded on the internet and social media apps. Whether we condone it or not, the reality is children and young people are spending a fair amount of time online.  To help them spot fake news and identify reliable online information, encourage them to ask questions about what they see and read. Click the link below to read more.