What is Belonging….

School Belonging is…

“the extent to which students feel personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others in the school social environment.” Carol Goodenow and Kathleen Grady

Belonging is a fundamental human need.  A strong sense of school belonging is linked to higher levels of emotional and physical wellbeing and better academic performance and achievement. It impacts on students’ expectancy of success and the effort they put into all aspects of school life. The more kids feel as though they belong the more engaged they are in school life and in extracurricular activities.

At City Beach Primary School we positively shape our students and school community’s sense of belonging by nurturing positive relationships and creating a culture of inclusion, collaboration and respect. We value and support learning, and encourage the involvement of parents in all aspects of school life. Over the past two years despite COVID influences we have maintained our sense of community and parent involvement across the school in so many ways.

Student progress and parent partnerships in learning have been and will continue to be our focus. Strong teacher student and family relationships support us to create a positive peer culture of belonging and a genuine sense of pride in our school. These positive partnerships enable teachers to work closely with parents to support each child to achieve better academic, social and emotional progress each year. If you have concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing or academic progress please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the leadership team to discuss how we can work together to support them.  Thanks for working in partnership with us to achieve our vision – each of us…

Confident curious and creative learners with healthy hearts and minds, belong to a culturally responsive and inclusive community where future focussed learning equips us to contribute to a sustainable world.

Achieving together with Pride

I’ve returned from a great time away connecting with family and nurturing my sense of connection and belonging in Spain. My three weeks away from school were made relaxing and stress free by the knowledge that the team at school were beautifully led by Alison, Tina and all staff. They kept everything humming along and despite the challenge of COVID in the school community, didn’t miss a beat! I know I have a fabulous team at CBPS – and I am grateful for the effort, energy and enthusiasm they put into their work each day.

Term Three is a favourite time of the year for me with athletics carnivals, Book and Science Week, Open Night, Sculptures @ CBPS…so many things to enjoy.  The term will fly by and before we know it – it will be fast and furious Term Four. Let’s enjoy being involved in school activities and experiences over the next 7 weeks and together continue to add to the strong sense of belonging that is very much a part of our school.

Be Kind        Be Safe       Be Fair