Constable Care Programs

The Constable Care Foundation is a recognised leader in safety education for children and young people throughout Western Australia. Throughout their vibrant 32 year history the Foundation has effectively communicated safety and crime prevention concepts through performance-based education to millions of WA children. The foundation along with the Telethon Institute are providing a parents with […]

You Can Do It Program

We have had a lot of students coming to the office to open the You Can Do It Treasure Chest. How does this work? When students are seen demonstrating one of the 5 YCDI Keys to Success – Confidence, Getting Along, Resilience, Organisation and Persistence they are given a paper key, once a student has five keys […]

Wipe Out Waste at City Beach Primary

Our new Environmental Leaders – Hana, Tom and Carla have some great ideas for Wiping Out Waste at City Beach primary school. We will also be working with Mr Betson to get some extra insights and innovations into making our school more sustainable. While we gather our ideas and put things in place there are […]

You Can Do It – Program Achieve

A key area of the Western Australian Curriculum is the General Capabilities. One aspect of this is the Personal and Social Capabilities which focus on students developing personal and social capability as they learn to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively. This capability involves students in a […]

Wipe Out Waste – Greenbatch Bin and Classroom Recycling Initiative

The Greenbatch bin is now located at the end of the science room building facing the Pre-primary playground. We encourage you all to bring in your items for green batch recycling. This is any plastic items with a recycling symbol that has the #1 (or 01) PET or #2 (or 02) HDPE on it. Some […]

You Can Do It – Program Achieve

The new You Can Do It –Program Achieve provides parent information sheets to help support the school in education our children in the basics of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Teaching the basics of SEL is no different to teaching the basics of numeracy or literacy. Skills are taught and then mastered. The child becomes […]

Wipe Out Waste – Containers for Change

  In the last newsletter the P&C shared information about the Containers for Change program. To help the school raise money all you need to do is bag up acceptable items (see below) and take them to a refund point. You will need to label the bag with the school’s scheme ID:       […]

Rethink Your Rubbish! Recycle Right!

Classes are still collecting the items listed below to stop them from going to landfill.  You can see in the list below how much we have collected so far – let’s keep up the great work!  Children can bring in the items listed for their class collection or for distribution to other classes. Kindergarten – […]

Composting at CBPS

Mr Betson and Room 4 have been examining ways for our school and our wider community to reduce household organic waste (as up to 3/4 of household landfill is compostable).  Six new compost bins have been placed around the school at spots researched and decided upon by the students to achieve maximum yield. Individual students […]

You Can Do It

Over the year we have looked at the five You Can Do It Keys to Success and the core values from the new You Can Do It – Program Achieve materials.  For Term 4 we will be looking at the keys and the values together to embed the language and concepts that aim to develop and support […]