Contributing to a Culture of Learning and Growth

Robust research links family engagement to the improvement of other outcomes including early literacy acquisition, school readiness, attendance, motivation, self-regulatory behaviour, social skills, retention and graduation. Schools are responsive to community expectations, value diversity and encourage contribution.Engaging and Working with your Community Toolkit” Pg 4

A strong School Board is central to the success of any school and is one of the ways parents can make a difference. At City Beach Primary School we are lucky to enjoy the contributions of our School Board to our continued improvement and success. At our last Board meeting we had the chance to thank Fiona Ellett-Leggo and James Fuller for their contributions, and welcome two newly appointed parent representatives; Trevor Hammond who was previously a co-opted community member on the Board and has taken on the role of School Board Chair; and Sophie Cunneen.

While James Fuller remains on the Board, he has stepped down from the role of School Board Chair, which he held for the past three years.  James has led the Board with a strong commitment to working together with the school to ensure our students have the best start in life and a bright future at CBPS. He has always looked for ways to positively promote the school and guide its interests. James was the community voice in the selection of the principal in 2018, and involved in the development, monitoring and reviewing of the school Business Plan 2018 -2020.

Fiona Ellett-Leggo also willingly shared her time, energy and expertise to support, guide and encourage the school on its strategic improvement journey over the past three and a half years. By being a part of the Board she volunteered to serve the school community and her counsel has spanned over the life of the Business Plan 2018 – 2020. We genuinely appreciate and value Fiona’s input across all areas and her service to the school and its children. Thank you for caring about our school, its future and for wanting it to be the best that it can be.

Both Fiona and James have supported the school and our community over of period of improvement and growth and we thank them for their commitment to excellence. Visit the School Board page to find out about our Board and your representatives.