Staff | 2021

Mrs Mari Dart Principal

Mrs Alison Jenkins Deputy Principal (M – F)

Ms Brunhild Lowry Manager Corporate Services

Mrs Kim O’Brien School Officer (Wed)

Mrs Anna Earnshaw K/PP (W – F)

Mrs Lena Westphal-Groves K/PP (M – F)

Mrs Maria Martin Kindergarten (M – W)

Mrs Kate Molloy Pre Primary (W – F)

Mrs Alicia Glass Pre Primary (M – W)

Ms Lauren Graffin Year 1, Room 1

Mrs Amanda Sobkowiak Year 1/2, Room 2 (M – Th)

Mrs Valerie Probst Year 1/2, Room 2 (F)

Miss Ashlee Booker Year 2/3, Room 3

Mr Thomas Betson Year 3, Room 4

Ms Louise Smith Year 4, Room 5

Mrs Tina Ingraham Year 5,  Room 6

Miss Emma Webb Year 5, Room 6 (Th)

Mr Liam Gauci Year 6, Room 7

Ms Sue Edwards LOTE – Japanese (Mon and Fri)

Mrs Susan Girak Art (Tues & Wed)

Mrs Robyn Veitch Music (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Kim Woolford Education Assistant

Mrs Kate Ellis Library Officer (Thur & Fri) and Education Assistant – Kindergarten (Mon – Wed)

Ms Suzy Bryant Education Assistant

Mrs Carolyn Van Der Werk Education Assistant

Mrs Colleen Shah Education Assistant 

Mrs Natalie Fulcher Education Assistant

Mrs Nicola Hope-Johnstone Education Assistant

Mr Garth Waite Gardener / Handyman

Mr Jose Lopez – Cleaner in Charge

Mr Chee Hong Teh – Cleaner