As an Independent Public School we provide a stimulating and safe environment for children to develop their academic, social, emotional, physical and creative skills.  Our students are confident, caring and respectful.  Our parents and teachers have high expectations for our students, not only academically, but also in the Arts, Physical Education and LOTE.

The school nurtures a strong ethos of being the best that we can be; striving for personal excellence throughout the school curriculum and socially.  This fosters a positive culture of mutual respect and affirmation amongst the student community.  In their final year our senior students take on leadership roles.  This enables them to develop and demonstrate initiative and responsibility, promoting positive and supportive learning partnerships between children of different ages.

We are proud to have been part of the City Beach community for over sixty years.  Parent and community involvement in our school is outstanding and touches on so many aspects of school life.

Our school motto “Achieving Together with Pride” is seen in action as our school community works together to provide a supportive, engaging and encouraging environment.  This equips students with the skills they need to achieve their potential, whilst also teaching them the value of community engagement.

At City Beach we pride ourselves on delivering a well-rounded education and a positive foundation for the personal development of every student. This means catering to the diverse needs of our students and ensuring they have the opportunity to flourish in many different areas.

Our excellent sporting opportunities offered to all students both before, during and after school are highly valued by students and parents.  We are a feeder school for the Western Australian Institute of Sport gymnastics program and work closely with students and their families to help them cope with the additional pressures facing elite athletes.

Our Visual Arts Programme is outstanding, culminating in ‘Sculptures at City Beach’ a highlight of the year for our school community.  The positivity, enthusiasm and creativity of our students is acknowledged by visiting artists and recognised annually at the Town of Cambridge Local Schools’ Art Exhibition.  Our students enjoy a vibrant music programme with a specialist teacher and also have the opportunity to learn the clarinet through the School of Instrumental Music program.