Who we are

About our school – Our Values

The 3 R’s – Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

Respect I am respectful. I treat others and myself as we deserve to be treated. I show courtesy to everyone.

Responsibility I am responsible.  I give my best to all that I do.

Resilience I will build resilience so that I can learn from my mistakes and bounce back from setbacks.

Our Beliefs

At City Beach Primary we believe that students’ learning is at at optimum when our teaching and learning reflects our shared set of beliefs.

Opportunity to Learn All students will have the opportunity to engage as fully as possible with the concepts they are to develop.

Connection and Challenge Learning experience will connect and challenge existing skills and values.

Action and Reflection Students will engage in both action and reflection whilst learning and will receive constructive, clear feedback.

Motivation and Purpose We will engage our students’ interests and challenge them to excel with learning experiences that have a clear purpose combined with explicit teaching.

Independence and Collaboration Students will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively to ensure they become autonomous and self-motivated learners.

Inclusivity and Diversity We will provide our students with a rich variety of learning experiences which enable them to build on prior knowledge and personal strengths and work in their preferred learning styles.

Supportive Environment We will ensure our learning environment is supportive of all students, offering challenge and risk-taking to maximise each learning opportunity.