Parents and Coaches

Parents and coaches lead with…understanding; compassion; optimism; positivity; and patience. And by all means lead by example. Our young ones are trying to figure it out. Be the leader they need as one day, they will become a leader themselves.

No-one has ever said that there is only one way to parent, so I suppose that’s why there isn’t a go to parenting book. Parenting has been likened to coaching as we want to support them to learn vital social skills, build resilience and strengthen their empathy. It’s great to see that as we are over half way through Term 1 many of our students are developing independence skills, adapting to new routines and positively engaging in learning across the school. When it comes to friendship issues it’s good to remember as coaches we can support them from the side-lines by:

listening and empathising, encouraging them to stand up for themselves in expected ways (safe, kind, fair),  helping them to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships; be a good role model and talk to them about when you were growing up.


Our focus on social skills aims to maximise success for each student, nurture positive relationships and wellbeing.  The whole school You Can Do It – positive education approach @ CBPS has an excellent parent resource section with a wide range of programs available for purchase and free ParentingWorks articles available to you when you register online. I encourage you to visit the website to access great resources and to gain an insight into the common social emotional language we use at school.  You Can Do It! Education – Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum (


The generosity and giving nature of our school community was in full force last week at the P&C AGM and General meeting.  The majority of vacant P&C positions were filled and it was lovely to see some new faces from the early childhood crew also joining the P&C team.


The P&C Art Sub-Committee have been super busy with preparations and filming for the launch of the Noongar Seasons campaign this week. Yesterday with the generosity of Katie Trew and Vinnie Georgopoulos, the Year 6 media team had the chance to experience being behind the scenes of a video production. It was really exciting to watch them directing and filming shots for the short production that will launch the Noongar Seasons campaign.


This will be the culmination of our project with Justin Martin and provide parents with the opportunity to purchase merchandise that showcases the collaborative art project our students Kindergarten to Year 6 were involved in last year.  Please keep an eye out for details of the launch coming soon! A big thank you to the Art Committee – Anna Judkins, Carley Maloney, Charlie Cunneen, Renee Campbell-Pope who have worked with Dr Sue Girak our art specialist to ensure our unique Artist in Residence program continue to shine at CBPS.

Stay Safe | Kind | Fair