A word from the Deputy Principal

Rethink Your Rubbish! Recycle Right!

Classes are still collecting the items listed below to stop them from going to landfill.  You can see in the list below how much we have collected so far – let’s keep up the great work!  Children can bring in the items listed for their class collection or for distribution to other classes.

  • Kindergarten – Milk bottle tops – 1,714gms
  • Pre Primary – Nespresso Coffee Pods – 6,668gms
  • Room 1 – Ring Pulls – 341gms
  • Room 2 – Bread Tags – 787gms
  • Room 3 – Old pencils, pens and textas – 1,937gms
  • Room 4 – Colgate oral care products – 598gms
  • Room 5 – PET bottles for Worm Whizz and Greenbatch – 1,595gms
  • Room 6 – Batteries – 6,080gms

We will continue to collect items until Friday 4 December and then arrange for these items to be sent to the appropriate organisations for recycling.