Successful Term 3

As we celebrate the end of a successful and productive Term 3, the word balance springs to my mind. Striking the balance seems to be a common thread in our world whether it is a balance between…

  • Rest and play
  • Life and work
  • Academic and Social Emotional Learning
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Activity and Mindful meditation

…this could end up being a very long list! Whatever it is, we are always trying to find out what the balance is, and how to get it right.

The Keys to Success that are central to our You Can Do It program at City Beach Primary School, and provide us with an umbrella to deliver a balanced curriculum that grows both the hearts and minds of our students. It has the importance of a growth mind-set at its core.

We constantly look for ways praise our students by highlighting perseverance, resilience, confidence, getting along and organisation (the Keys to Success) across a variety of social, emotional and academic fronts, each and every day.

We know that a growth mindset embraces productive struggle and helps our students understand that through doing hard things they have the opportunity to achieve goals, make progress and grow.

Over the term there certainly has been a great deal of fun, joy and hard work – together @ CBPS; all critical for student success.

Our open night was a lovely way to come together as a community and enjoy seeing the wide range of activities our students engage in during their school week. A big thank you to all staff for their energy and commitment to ensuring our students participate in rich and diverse opportunities for learning throughout the year.

I would also like to thank our tireless P&C Community Relations team and their volunteers who made sure that our Open Night was complete by providing sausage sizzle, snacks and drink options.

Our Malak Merenyj Bidi (our bush tucker garden); and the edible garden in the cage at the front of the school have undergone an incredible transformation over the past couple of terms. These garden spaces are havens for growing the hearts and minds of our students outside of their regular classroom environment. Students have really enjoyed planting vegetables, herbs and fruit and watching their rapid growth as we welcomed spring.

Our children are lucky to have outdoor classroom spaces through the efforts of committed parents, community members, staff and students at City Beach Primary School.

The official opening of our edible garden will be on Thursday 17 October next term. It will be a great way to come together as a school community to celebrate and thank the grit and grace, behind the edible garden.

At the opening families will be able to dream up a name for our edible garden, play picnic style games, and weave love hearts onto the cage using wool. The garden’s official name will be announced at the Year 1 assembly on Friday 1 November after consultation with the Green Shoots committee.

I hope many of you will all be able to join us for the picnic style celebrations next term.

Lastly I wish you all a fabulous break together with your families, enjoy the change in pace and routines.

I look forward to seeing all student on the first day of Term 4, Monday 14 October!