Early Childhood

Early learning from kindergarten to Year 2 at City Beach Primary School is underpinned by our belief in developing the whole child. We provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment that empowers children to grow.

Play-based, hands on and creative learning opportunities guide and inspire a love of learning. This, balanced with quality teaching, provides a strong foundation for each child to experience social, emotional and academic success.

We foster the development of positive relationships as this is central to ensuring the success of every child at City Beach PS.High quality teaching and learning programs are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standards (NQS). We also use The Kindergarten Guidelines and the Department of Education Early Years of Schooling Statement to support our planning. There is a strong literacy and numeracy focus. Our staff extend, support and scaffold children in their learning, development and acquisition of skills.

Children gradually learn independence and responsibility by participating in each session. The development of social skills such as sharing, playing together, taking turns and respect for others and their possessions, is encouraged. Practice in literacy and numeracy skill development is extended through the play environment and through stories, songs, rhymes and discussions during whole group mat sessions, held each day.

Reading experiences are provided in a sequential format. Syllables, concept of rhyme and letter sounds and names are taught prior to the Pre-primary year. Correct pencil grip, sitting posture, cutting skills etc. are modeled and encouraged at all times throughout the Kindergarten year.

Most 3-5 year olds display an interest in play with others of the same age.  This peer group experience is a major step in social growth and we attempt to provide opportunities to practice and refine these skills informally through play in our learning spaces including the home corner, block corner, sandpit and water play areas. Creative skills are encouraged through modeling, painting, constructive and imaginative play, music and movement.

Each session is carefully planned; activities are organised to allow for plenty of freedom of choice. Every session offers an opportunity for the child to play, create, construct, dress up, role play, explore books, paint, solve problems, sing, dance, pretend, socialise, participate, relax, talk, listen, be listened to, and have great fun.

The outdoor area allows freedom to express, as well as challenging equipment that is safe and enjoyable.