City Beach Primary School encourages high levels of participation in academic, sporting, cultural and social programs. We encourage students to become independent and confident learners in an inclusive and enjoyable learning environment. Leadership opportunities are open to students across all year levels. Our Year 6 students undertake a wide range of leadership tasks including radio broadcasts, charity fundraising, and the organisation of recess and lunchtime activities.

The school provides specialist programs across all year levels in Social & Emotional Learning, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Music as well as Japanese Language Studies for Years 2-6. Our music program also offers students the opportunity to join the school choir and for selected students in Years 5 and 6, access to tuition from clarinet and trumpet specialist teachers via the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS).

The Visual Arts program has a strong focus on Australian contemporary art where students learn from practicing artists through excursions and incursions. Each year the school community is invited to participate in Sculptures @ City Beach, an exhibition judged by local and national artists. Physical Education is a way of life at City Beach. There is a wide range of before and after school programs offered to all students with the aim to promote healthy and active lifestyles for all.

Our students’ well-being and educational needs benefit from a dedicated and experienced staff who are supported by an active and equally dedicated school community. The You Can Do It social and emotional learning program supports the social and emotional needs of students while teaching the key strategies that assist in unlocking their treasure chest to success and happiness. The YCDI program is underpinned by the Five Keys to Success: Getting Along; Confidence; Resilience; Persistence; and Organisation; these are promoted throughout the school.

All that City Beach strives to achieve is supported by a committed and involved community who make many highly valued contributions to the school, its staff and students. This contribution is both informal and at a school management and operational level through the Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association and School Board.

At City Beach Primary School our motto Achieving Together with Pride and our three core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience are integral to all that we do.

Reporting to Parents 

Regular reporting to parents and feedback on student progress is one of the primary requirements of all schools.  We keep parents informed about their child’s progress in a variety of ways each term at City Beach Primary School. . 

Parents and carers receive formal reports twice a year that comply with Department of Education requirements to:

  • give an accurate and objective assessment of the student’s progress and achievement; and
  • include an assessment of the student’s achievement reported as ABCDE scale, clearly defined against specific learning standards and relative to the student’s peer group.

A child who achieves the expected standard for their year level will receive a C grade and this means that they have sound knowledge and understanding of concepts and has achieved an adequate level of competence in processes and skills in that learning area. Short parent interviews are held at the start of Term 2 each year to provide a progress snapshot prior to Semester 1 reports. Parents can request to meet with their child’s classroom teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss achievement and progress or any concerns. We work in partnership with families to provide each child with the opportunities to be confident, curious and creative learners. 


Excursions play an important part in the learning program of all classes. Excursion expenses are charged to parents each term. Written permission is required for all excursions, as is medical information. Failure to return the excursion slip will prevent the child from participating. 

Children are expected to wear school uniform on excursions unless informed otherwise. Parents are requested to complete a medical information sheet for excursions.

Extra-curricular Activities

The school currently offers the following extra curricular activities:  Japanese Calligraphy on Monday and Thursday afternoons, Tennis – Coastal Tennis on Tuesday mornings and  Basketball – Redhage Basketball on Tuesday afternoons.