Specialist Programs

Extension Programs

At City Beach Primary there are numerous opportunities provided for the extension of students.

Primary Extension and Challenge All students are tested in Year 4 and selected students from Year 5 -6 participate in a wide range of extension programs with other students from across the North Metropolitan Education District.

HOTS – Higher Order Thinking Skills a whole school approach to developing all students’ creative thinking skills.

Public Speaking Public Speaking has been a focus in Year 5 and 6, with the students having the opportunity to develop their debating skills and participate in interschool competitions as well as Town of Cambridge Education Week competitions.

ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools – Students from Year 4 and 6 can participate in the Maths, English and Science competitions.

Environmental Program 

The school has a whole school approach to environmental studies.  Students are provided with opportunities to develop worm farms, participate in Water Wise programs, recycle paper and food scraps and plant trees.  These are organised on a whole school and class basis.  Students take on environmental leadership roles within their class.

Support Programs

In parallel with the Extension opportunities there are comprehensive support programs focussed on students who are not achieving their potential.

Data collected throughout the year enables the staff to identify Students at Educational Risk (SAER). That is, those students whose achievement level, rate of progress or behaviour differs noticeably from past performances and/or that of their peers.  It also applies to those children who are under-performing, who are not achieving their potential.

A school profile has been established in conjunction with a whole school overview which is used to monitor children’s progress throughout all of their primary school years. Parent/teacher interview are held to inform parents of the process and strategies being set in place to assist the child.

Individual Education Plans are developed for any child from K – Yr 6 who is under-performing in literacy and numeracy.

Individual Behaviour Management Plans are implemented for any students whose behaviour is affecting their learning or socialisation.

Reading Support Programs are offered to students, who are identified in Year 1, to work in a small group in Year 2.  Older students are supported in class with the assistance of Education Assistants.