Celebrating Literacy and Reading at City Beach Primary

To celebrate literacy and reading we have two exciting events coming up.  On Wednesday 19 May classes will be tuning in to hear the story ‘Give Me Some Space’ – about Una dreaming of a life in Space as life on Earth is just so so-so. But how will she get there? And will she […]

Literacy at City Beach Primary

At City Beach Primary School reading is an important part of our literacy program. It is formally taught and then integrated across all learning areas. Over the last 20 years research has debunked some of the approaches previously used to teach reading. The current focus is a synthetic phonic based approach, moving away from the […]

School and Community

‘Relationships between the school and the wider community strengthen the ability of schools and families to support student learning, wellbeing and developmental outcomes.’ Community Collaboration Domain from ‘Engaging and Working with Your Community Framework’ DoE WA At City Beach Primary School we use a range of strategies to successfully engage with local community groups to […]

CBPS Business Plan Draft

Today I have sent out an email to our parents and caregivers with a copy of the CBPS Draft Business Plan 2021-2024. The plan is a framework of the School’s statement to our community about what we stand for and intend to do over the next four years to improve student outcomes. This together with […]

You Can Do It

Our focus for Term 2 will be on the 7 values that form part of the You Can Do It Program. Life values are those that help you with decision-making and provide the building blocks for good character.  Values help us to be kind, be fair and be safe. For students to feel safe and happy together, they need to […]

Wipe Out Waste

This term we will be focusing on getting our composting and the worm farms up and running again. Each class will be given a bucket to collect their organic waste. Bins will be collected, weighed and sorted each Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Points will be awarded based on how much waste they collect and how […]

Learning-A Shared Responsibility

We know from decades of international research that what parents do at home with their children has a profound effect on children’s learning outcomes. Children who experience enriched, cognitively stimulating home environments are at an advantage in the learning process because they have had exposure to many more words. In our school community it is […]

Constable Care Programs

The Constable Care Foundation is a recognised leader in safety education for children and young people throughout Western Australia. Throughout their vibrant 32 year history the Foundation has effectively communicated safety and crime prevention concepts through performance-based education to millions of WA children. The foundation along with the Telethon Institute are providing a parents with […]


 “Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter” The power of positive role models for both boys and girls cannot be underestimated. Children use many people both famous and those close to them, in schools and in their own homes as references for who they will […]

Mindfulness for young people

“takes advantage of a natural window of opportunity during childhood, when the neural circuitry that allows us to pay attention, calm ourselves and attune to our own and other’s feelings takes shape”. Professor Richard Davidson One of the areas we have been exploring in our focus on social and emotional wellbeing is mindfulness in schools […]