P&C Association

The main objectives of the P&C are to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation, assisting in providing facilities and equipment, promoting the welfare of students at the school and to encourage parents and community participation in educational issues.

P&C Meetings are held in the library during the four and eighth week of each term (subject to change depending on the length of term) at 7pm.  The dates of meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and on posters around the school.  Everyone is welcome.  The Principal reports at each meeting providing invaluable information relating to both the school and changes within the Department of Education.  It provides a forum for communication and feedback.

The P&C has an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four General Members.  Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting each year in February.  A representative of the P&C reports directly to the School Board.  Each class appoints at least one class representative.

The responsibilities of the class representative are to attend or appoint a delegate to attend P&C meetings, to act as a liaison between the teacher and class parents, particularly in relation to the notification of merit award presentations and volunteers for excursions, to assist in welcoming new parents, to find volunteers for school events and organising social activities for class parents throughout the year.

City Beach Primary School P&C is responsible for the operation of the school Canteen and Uniform Exchange as services to the school community.  The P&C also provides the very important “Red eBook” or school directory and further activities through a school banking program and social functions.

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P & C Minutes

CBPS  P&C Minutes 18 February 2021

CBPS P&C Minutes 1 December 2020

CBPS P&C Minutes 3 November 2020

CBPS P&C Minutes 15 September 2020

CBPS P&C Minutes 11 August 2020

CBPS P&C Minutes 16 June 2020