Wipe Out Waste

This term we will be focusing on getting our composting and the worm farms up and running again. Each class will be given a bucket to collect their organic waste. Bins will be collected, weighed and sorted each Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Points will be awarded based on how much waste they collect and how well they use their organic bins – this includes making sure that no rubbish is placed in the bin.  Thank you to Mr Betson and Room 4 who will be helping the Environmental Team with the collection, sorting and weighing of waste.

We will be starting to focus on a “power, paper and plastics” initiative. Classroom teachers will be selecting monitors for each of these roles. The role of the monitors will be:

Power: To turn off the power for lights, fans and air-conditioner when not in use. This will also include making sure that smartboard settings use a save power mode so they are not using up unnecessary power when not in use.

Paper: To collect and sort paper in the classroom. This will include paper that has been used on both sides and is ready for the recycling bin. Paper that has only been used on one side can be used for drawing, taking notes or making things, as well as large and small bits of paper that can be used for craft projects

Plastics: To collect the following plastic items that might be found in your classroom and lunchboxes.

  • Biscuit packets (outer wrapper only)
  • Bread bags (without the tie)
  • Chip and cracker packets (silver lined)
  • Chocolate and snack bar wrappers
  • Confectionery bags
  • Snap lock bags / zip lock bags- please make sure your plastic is dry and as empty as possible.

We will aim to conduct an audit to see where we can really reduce the use of plastic in the school and ‘Wipe Out Waste’.