Wipe Out Waste – Greenbatch Bin and Classroom Recycling Initiative

The Greenbatch bin is now located at the end of the science room building facing the Pre-primary playground. We encourage you all to bring in your items for green batch recycling. This is any plastic items with a recycling symbol that has the #1 (or 01) PET or #2 (or 02) HDPE on it. Some items eligible are soft drink, iced coffee and sports drink bottles, Milk, cream and juice bottles, punnets for fruits and vegetables, some clear meat trays.  You can also bring in household cleaning containers, pantry items, aluminium soft drink cans and liquid paperboard products such as iced coffee/chocolate and juice cartons.

The Greenbatch collection also includes Items that are eligible for the Containers for Change 10c refund, which we will also receive funds for.

It is very important that items that are contaminated with food or sticky/stinky liquid are not placed in the bin. If items cannot be washed clean, please refrain from putting these items in the Greenbatch bin. This includes milk, flavoured milks, soft drink bottles and cans. There are posters around the school to help everyone learn what can be placed in these bins. When we recycle with Greenbatch we are earning money for our school and the products are made into something new, helping us all help the environment, one piece of plastic at a time. We have already received $54 for our collected waste materials. While this might not seem much over the course of a year it will certainly add up to support our sustainability program at City Beach Primary School.

Plastic bottle tops from milk, single-use water bottle and bread tags can be still brought to the classes collecting these items for the class collection program. We will weigh them and add them to our tally. Remember to also bring in your Nespresso Pods, ring pulls, batteries and used writing tools for this initiative. The last day to bring in items for the class recycling is Tuesday 8 December.

For more information about Greenbatch and Containers for Change go to:



For items taken directly to a Container for Change drop off location remember to write down the school’s scheme ID number:


…..on your bag so we can also earn additional funds this way.