Year 6 Rottnest Camp

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to visit our Year 6 students at Rottnest on camp. It was lovely to spend a day with the leaders of our school. I enjoyed seeing them flourish in an environment away from the safety of their home and our school. There were great examples of getting along, looking out for each other and making the most of every opportunity.

I felt proud of their ability to energetically complete challenges that helped them to learn about, and better understand, some of the history behind our holiday island.

Not all primary schools take their students away on camp each year. I am extremely grateful that our teachers – Tina Ingraham and Louise Smith, are willing and able to put their own lives on hold to provide our senior students with an unforgettable camp experience in their last year of primary school. THANK YOU

I know that the students appreciate their willingness to prepare, plan and deliver a fantastic camp experience. A huge thanks also goes to Tom Betson and the following parents: Jo Tolcon; Mike Eseltine; Brad King; who also gave up four days of their lives at home, to volunteer as parent leaders on camp – we appreciate your efforts above and beyond! A special mention to Keith Hickey for the fabulous photo of our Year 6 2019 group – it’s amazing!

Camp has also been a good opportunity for our Year 5 students to step up and take on the leadership roles and responsibilities of our senior students in their absence, in preparation for 2020 school leadership. Thank you to Lauren Graffin and our Year 5 students for a job well done!

We look forward to everyone’s safe return to school on Friday.