You Can Do It Program

We have had a lot of students coming to the office to open the You Can Do It Treasure Chest. How does this work? When students are seen demonstrating one of the 5 YCDI Keys to Success – Confidence, Getting Along, Resilience, Organisation and Persistence they are given a paper key, once a student has five keys they visit the office to open the YCDI treasure chest and select a small prize. Mari and I talk to the children about the keys they have earnt and reinforce the language and behaviours of YCDI.  All teachers give out keys to students. The keys also from part of our ‘Student of the Week’ awards to again embed the language and behaviour of the YCDI program.

The You Can Do It program aims to teach students the social emotional skills they need to be successful and happy throughout their life. Data shows that children who are systematically taught social and emotional skills like how to manage their emotions, empathise and collaborate, have fewer problems and pay more attention in class. They are better placed to cope with setbacks in the playground, classroom and life in general.