Book Week and Book Fair

Firstly, a big thank you for the outstanding participation in the Book Week parade.  The creativity of costumes showed the wild minds of our students and their love of books and reading. Our Goodnight Storytime was also well attended and everyone enjoyed the stories read by Mr David Mead.  Thanks David, for giving up your time to support City Beach Primary School.

The Scholastic Bookfair was a huge success!  We sold $4,300 worth of products which enabled us to buy $1,000 worth of books for the library and keep $200 to use throughout the year on other Scholastic products through their rewards program.  The Year 6 students raised $150 towards their graduation from the sale of stationery items.  We are also grateful to the many families who donated books to the library.

Thank you to the many parents who volunteered their time to help out with the sales.  A big thank you also goes to Belinda Giles and Simon Deering who worked behind the scenes in the lead up to Book Week.  A special thanks also goes to Kate Ellis and Brunhild Lowry for their help that made Book Week and the Book Fair a great success.