From Strength to Strength

‘Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and challenge.’ Napoleon Hill   

‘Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning.’ Carol Dweck 

Our focus over the past three years has remained on where it needs to be for us to serve our community of learners – on students and teachers in the classroom striving for consistent teaching and learning excellence.

In our last three years as a school community we have worked hard to improve across the four focus areas identified in our current Business Plan 2018 – 2020. As we move smoothly into the development of our next business plan it’s important to celebrate our successes and with a future focused lens, look at what we can target to do better and continue to improve. Ultimately our new business plan will strengthen the impact we have on the success of the children we care for and serve at City Beach Primary School – your children.

Our 2019 Annual Report highlights our achievements against the academic and non academic targets is available on both our website and Schools Online. In the development phase of our Business Plan 2021-2024, we will use the analysis of a range of information to identify focus areas to guide, strengthen and improve our teaching and learning at City Beach Primary School over the next three yeas. We are unquestionably a good school that strives to know each child, know their strengths and know how to help them be the best they can be: KIND |  FAIR | SAFE and academically successful – good people for the future of our world.  We unquestionably look for ways to improve, and have well being and educational progress and achievement at the forefront of our thinking.

So it’s with genuine excitement that we enter the collection phase, gathering information to shed light on what our school community thinks, to inform our planning. Feed back from parents, students and staff will positively impact on our direction and does highlight our collective responsibility for the success of the school. Opportunities to contribute your ideas and feedback will occur over the next few months in different ways. At our Open Night, Wednesday 9 September,  IDEA stations where you are encouraged to contribute your ideas and thoughts on future directions for City Beach Primary School will be located throughout the school. Our staff and School Board have already commenced sharing their aspirations for their children and our school in the next few years and will be available IDEAS stations at different times throughout the night. It’s always exciting putting together a plan, thanks for being willing to generate ideas that will take us from strength to strength!