Future Directions 2021 – 2024

We are excited to launch the published version of our Future Directions 2021-2024 strategic plan, which outlines key improvement drivers, initiatives and strategies. The plan is also available as a one page summary.

Our plan was created in collaboration with staff, students, the School Board, the P&C and the school community.  It is a dynamic document where adjustments can be made throughout the life of the plan.  An Annual Improvement Plan will house operational plans for each key improvement driver that will help to make the aspirations outlined in the CBPS Business Plan 2021-2024, our reality over the next three years. Our plan will guide, strengthen and improve our work for Each of us

Our vision, values and behavioural expectations are something that won’t be adjusted just like the following quote says:

‘We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details. Jeff Bezos

Thank you to you, our school community for being involved in the P&C, School Board, consultations, surveys, focus groups feedback, committees, and events in support of our school and the development of our future directions.