‘All of us will be tested from time to time on our ability to adapt—on our resilience. The goal of resiliency is not necessarily to bounce back, but to bounce forward. It is the ability to maintain your purpose even while adapting your methods.’ Michael McKinney

As we find ourselves emerging from the constantly changing tide of Coronavirus and half way through Term 2, it makes me think about our dynamic school, our adaptability and the positive outcomes we have been able to achieve in the face of challenging times.

Being able to maximise the positive impact of these changing tides is critical to our ability to bounce forward. Over the last few months we have been able to stay connected as a school community to tackle disruption and channel these disruptions into productive and positive outcomes. Our purpose has remained the same: ‘to develop students’ capacity to become resilient, respectful and responsible learners who work towards achieving their full potential.’

At City Beach Primary School, we have adapted to the drop off and pick up restrictions to suit our school community and context. We have enjoyed and appreciated parents and carers efforts to drop students for the start of their day at the gate, stairs or the edge of the quadrangle. This together with whole school morning skipping created a calm and focussed start to the day and improved independence and readiness to learn across all year levels, Kindy through to Year 6. This is one example where a disruption to routine has allowed us to adapt and bounce forward with positive outcomes! Thank you for preparing your children for the road rather than preparing the road for them.