Sense of Identity

Belonging is central to being and becoming, in that it shapes who children are and who they can become. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

Being away from school for the last four weeks highlighted the importance of belonging and connections. Losing my dad over the holidays gave me the chance to reflect and be grateful for the way his life shaped mine and that of my family. I have been able to channel my strong sense of cultural identity, love of life and connections, to focus on the things that bring me happiness and joy. Whether its spending time with family and friends, pursuing passions or simply appreciating moments of joy and wonder in everyday life, I try to use these values to make a positive difference to those around me.  I am grateful that I belong to a great team of professionals who are capable, caring and supportive as they helped make a difficult time easier to navigate.

As parents and educators, we want our kids to feel a deep sense of belonging to family, school and community groups. By knowing they are accepted and valued for who they are, and in being connected to these groups, a strong sense of identity will flourish. Our school is known for its strong sense of community and connection, and this term opportunities for us to strengthen these qualities abound! I look forward to participating in: Camp Out, talent shows, fundraisers, assemblies, winter and cross-country carnivals, Running Club, book fairs – the list of activities and events is endless.  Actively belonging to our school community improves your health and wellbeing and increases levels of happiness – so I hope to see you at many of these events.

As always, I appreciate your support – Be Safe Be Kind Be Fair