A Beautiful Thing

‘I think it’s a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform or a garb which represents a group of people, because what it immediately symbolises is oneness, togetherness.’ Nia Long

I loved being a part of the P&C Camp Out on Saturday night, seeing our school community work together to create a fabulous event for our families to get together share their talents, and have a great time. A huge thank you to the parents from Room 6 Year 5 that worked tirelessly to organise, cook, coordinate, advertise, create, and celebrate at the Camp Out, and make it such a huge success over the weekend.

During the school week out in the quadrangle, on the oval, at assembly, in classrooms, on excursions and at carnivals, amongst the joy of learning, chatter and playing in each of these spaces we see a symbol of unity and inclusivity: our school uniform. It’s a visual reminder and expression of community and belonging. In the mix of different backgrounds and cultures when our kids wear our school uniform they become a part of a collective identity. This fosters unity, empathy and mutual respect.

Over the last few weeks, we have focused on the school uniform to eliminate the distractions and pressures associated with fashion trends and socioeconomic status. When students wear the school uniform as outlined in our Dress Code they can focus on learning and personal growth without the burden of comparison. In the wider community our uniform worn with pride serves to reinforce the school’s values and strengthen connections with the broader community. Please help us by ensuring your children wear the school uniform with pride and avoid wearing fashion trends to school – encourage them to save it for the weekend and special events.

Mobile phones and smartwatches in primary school settings is another topic that brings about differing opinions and considerations. We are currently updating our mobile phone policy to include smartwatches and reflect the specific needs and circumstances of our school community. At home and at school we want to teach students about digital literacy, online safety, and responsible technology use to empower them to navigate the digital world responsibly. Clear boundaries and the expectation that they will be safe, kind, and fair in their use of technology is critical to our success as is your support. We appreciate your efforts to reinforce positive digital habits at home.

Be Safe Be Kind Be Fair