“Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.”   Brene Brown

It’s lovely to be back at school after a refreshing break in Spain and Croatia – the hardest part about coming back was leaving my parents in Spain – my home away from home. This feeling reinforces the importance for all of us to feel as though we belong, that our culture and who we are is valued. This strong sense of belonging is something that we want for everyone at City Beach Primary School, in all schools and in life, so we have the courage to give things ago, learn from our mistakes and grow.

Returning to Term 3 at the start of Week 4 was made easy by the confidence I had in Alison and Tina’s ability to keep everything running so smoothly, supporting teachers and staff to continue to provide great learning experiences and opportunities for our kids – thank you Alison and Tina 😊

It was great to start off the week with a fabulous Book Week parade with so many parents coming along to enjoy the coffee van and parade. Today our visiting author/illustrator Aska had every class hanging on every word with cartoons and the power of storytelling through pictures. I couldn’t tear myself away from one of the sessions with the Year 1 and 2s, so a huge thank you to the P&C for funding the visit – it was very much appreciated and enjoyed.

Next week on Friday 18 August, when students enjoy a pupil free day, the staff are looking forward to spending the day analysing NAPLAN data, which is one piece of evidence that can tell us about student achievement in literacy and numeracy and informs our plans for improvement in teaching and learning. The School Development Day will also be an opportunity to monitor our progress and review success indicators outlined in our Future Directions plan.

Always remember that teachers are available for appointments to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s progress throughout the year. Simply reach out to your child’s teacher and make a time to meet and talk.

Enjoy a busy fun filled Term 3.

B e    S a f e      B e    K i n d      B e    F a i r