Celebrating Literacy and Reading at City Beach Primary

To celebrate literacy and reading we have two exciting events coming up.  On Wednesday 19 May classes will be tuning in to hear the story ‘Give Me Some Space’ – about Una dreaming of a life in Space as life on Earth is just so so-so. But how will she get there? And will she complete her mission to discover life in Space? And did she remember to feed Neil the goldfish? Our participation in this event promotes reading across the school with classes joining their buddies to show you are never too young, or old to have a story read to you. But can you imagine astronauts reading the story from space?  ALIA along with Scholastic, the Australian Space Agency and the Office of the Chief Scientist will provide us with an intergalactic experience with the book being read by the astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station. What a great way to promote literacy and science!

The celebration of reading continues in Week 6 with classes from Year 4 to 6 attending the Scribblers Festival on Tuesday 25 May. Scribblers Festival invites young people and the young at heart to celebrate the magic of storytelling.  The Festival brings together authors, illustrators and other storytellers around the world to empower and engage young readers through interactive sessions and workshops. The festival also encourages young writers to put their ideas on to paper for a chance to win a The Golden Pen Writing Award.

There are family events that you can also attend. What a great way to develop a love of both reading and writing. For more information go to: https://www.scribblersfestival.com.au/about#What-is-Scribblers-Festival