‘Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.’

What a busy and joyful term we’ve had celebrating our efforts, learning and achievements over the last nine weeks, together. We have all enjoyed belonging to and being a part of our school community. Parents, staff and student surveys, Think Tanks at Open Night, P&C and School Board meetings, have provided us with opportunities to share and listen to the voice of our school community. One of the Think Tanks from our Open Night where we asked you to list three things you value about City Beach Primary School, was used to create a word cloud. Word clouds graphically illustrate peoples’ responses, the bigger the word the more people answered the same thing.

Community stood out.  At City Beach Primary School, we are a community of learners. Our sense of community unites us and provides us with the chance to connect, to work towards achieving our goals, and to feel safe and secure. As a strong community at City Beach Primary School, we create and have access to countless opportunities for improvement and growth. In the development of our Business Plan over the next few months we will reflect on the goals and aspirations of our students, staff and parents to develop common future directions.

Thank you to our School Board and P&C for the huge role they play in different ways to support the work of our school and contribute to the strong sense of community we enjoy at CBPS. Our Kindy/Pre-primary Parent Breakfast, School Assemblies, Inter-House Athletics Carnival Bake Sale, Sushi Lunch, Open Night food stall and Think Tanks and Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, all highlight the positive impact of parent engagement in developing a sense of community at our school. Thank you also to the staff at our school for their dedication and commitment to serving our school community.  Ultimately everyone’s efforts each day improve the opportunities our children have to be the best they can be across all areas of life – thank you.

I hope you all enjoy the chance to explore WA, recharge and re energise in preparation for Term 4, which will be filled with celebrations of effort, learning and achievement.