Composting at CBPS

Mr Betson and Room 4 have been examining ways for our school and our wider community to reduce household organic waste (as up to 3/4 of household landfill is compostable).  Six new compost bins have been placed around the school at spots researched and decided upon by the students to achieve maximum yield.

Individual students have taken initiatives to reduce organic waste in a number of ways.  Some students have contacted Bunnings to get our school worm farms rejuvenated and working again (and received very generous donations as a result), others have written to The Post newspaper to encourage the wider community to use our bins. One student is in the middle of organising and running a ‘drop off your scraps’ program to ensure that each bin and farm receives equal food.

The net result of this sustained effort will be enough high quality, nutrient rich and environmentally sustainable soil to allow for a replacement of our Hearts and Minds garden soil each spring.  Extra soil will be distributed amongst the community to give back to local gardens and gardeners.

All work, ideas and efforts are entirely student led and operated with the guidance of Mr Betson.  This is a fantastic initiative so look for the extra compost bins around the school and bring in your food scraps for composting.