Positive Behaviour Support Plan

‘In my world there are no bad kids, just impressionable, conflicted young people wrestling with emotions and impulses, trying to communicate their feelings and needs, the only way they know how.

… that’s why we teach! As partners in education it’s our responsibility in primary school to teach not punish, and most importantly be good examples to leave lasting positive impressions.

Over the past year we have reviewed our Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) to ensure clear strategies that promote positive behaviour at school each day, are in place. A section outlining Good Standing has been included for both parents and students to help you understand the process. The PBSP also includes a Responding to Bullying at City Beach Primary School section outlining our proactive responses to bullying incidents that may occur. A parent information flyer has been created as a resource for families to understand bullying and highlight the processes and resources available from school, organisations and comprehensive websites. Please access our updated CBPS Positive Behaviour Support Plan 2022 on our website. Positive partnerships with families when supporting students involved in bullying incidents are critical to the success of our response.