Positive Partnerships

‘The partnership between home and school has never been more important, fragile or tenuous. Around three decades now of the media highlighting only the problems between parents and schools – rather than the massive volume of positive interactions – will do that. As a result, we find ourselves seeking to encourage parents out of a fixed, adversarial approach to the school and back into partnership.’ Adam Voigt

As a school we work in partnership with parents and families to support each child’s individual needs whether academic, social or emotional and the safety of all students is our priority. I would like to reassure you that when children need additional support to manage challenging behaviours the school works with teachers, the Learning Support Team, the leadership team, the school psychologist, and in consultation with parents to develop an Individual Positive Behaviour Support plan.

Throughout the process we respect a family’s right to privacy and make every effort to maintain confidentiality. This helps to build trust and confidence in the school’s handling of sensitive matters. These are the positive partnerships which create our supportive and inclusive learning environment where all students feel safe and can thrive.

I really enjoyed our Talk for Writing Word Collector assembly yesterday afternoon as a part of our Book Fair activities, as it showcased our whole school approach to teaching writing and the power of words. In today’s newsletter we’ve published Kencho’s (one of our Year 5 students) talk focussed on the power of kindness, which concludes with a reminder that: kindness is free to give but its value is priceless. Wise words from one so young and closely connected to our behavioural expectations at City Beach Primary School, that encourage us all to reflect on our choices and ask are our actions, thoughts, and words – SAFE, KIND, FAIR?


Our teachers and education assistants are amazingly talented educators who are committed to their teaching practice. Thank you for trusting us and leaving your most precious possessions in our care for over 30 hours or so each week, we value and thank you for your support and the positive partnerships we share.

 Be Safe Be Kind Be Fair