SEL at City Beach Primary (Social and Emotional Learning)

In 2022 Mrs Ingraham will be delivering an additional Social and Emotional Learning program to students on a weekly basis. Mrs Ingraham will work with classes on a Tuesday and Wednesday using a range of programs that support the development of SEL. The aim is to further develop language children need to identify emotions, feelings, actions and behaviour. This work aims to develop the four domains of Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management and Social Management outlined in the Personal and Social capabilities of the WA Curriculum.

Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork and feel positive about themselves and the world around them. The development of personal and social capability is a foundation for learning and for citizenship. At CBPS we recognise the importance of developing flexible thinking skills to manage and self-regulate behaviour and emotions in work and play. The “You Can Do It” – Program Achieve that is taught at CBPS uses language that’s ebbed into our Positive Behaviour Support Policy. This language is also used at whole school assemblies, with awards and the YCDI “Treasure Chest” incentive. For more information about YCDI and to see the parent programs that they run follow this link