The Arts @ CBPS

The Arts at City Beach Primary school will expand next term with the addition of Sarah Orton who will be teaching Performing Arts on a Thursday. Sarah will work with students and staff  to develop a range of performance skills including voice, improvisation, characterisation, movement through mime and dance. The Performing Arts is a powerful way to teach life skills as well as being an effective way to stimulate the creative brain which benefits students across all curriculum areas.

Sarah will work with different classes for eight weeks during Term 3 and again in Term 4. Classes will present a short performance at the end to showcase their learning. The lessons will start in Week 3 of Term 3 with Room 7, Room 6, Room 1 and all of Pre-primary. Sarah will then work with the remaining classes  in Term 4.

We are looking forward to welcoming Sarah to the school.  To learn more about Sarah you can check out her Facebook page – Sarah Orton WA Performing Arts School.

Our Visual Arts program will be supported with grants from the Town of Cambridge and Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing (PALS). PALS grants aim to support and encourage schools to develop projects that promote reconciliation in the local community. These grants will be funding Justin Martin from Djundari Dreaming to work with the students to create indigenous artworks that will be used to create signage for the Malak Merenyj Bidi garden. The art work will be based on the Noongar 6 seasons and be a collaborative work with all students contributing to the project, while learning more about indigenous art and culture. Thank you to Renee Wilks for her time for her time and support to write and submit the successful PALS grant application. For more information about Justin Martin go to:  Djundari Dreaming.