Wipe Out Waste

Rethink Your Rubbish!
       Recycle Right!

The environment leaders have been busy collecting and weighing the items we are collecting to recycle through the appropriate organisations. So far we have prevented over 10 kg of waste going to landfill.

Please keep bringing in items. Here is a reminder of what each class are collecting.

  • Kindy 1 and Kindy 2 – Milk bottle tops
  • Pre-primary – Nespresso Coffee Pods
  • Room 1 – Ring Pulls
  • Room 2 – Bread Tags
  • Room 3 – Old Pens, pencils and textas
  • Room 4 – Colgate oral care products
  • Room 5 – PET bottles for worm whizz and Greenbatch
  • Room 6 – Batteries

Please collect these items and get your children to bring them in for collection and distribution to other classes.