Wipe Out Waste – Greenbatch

The Wipe Out Waste program for this term will focus on collecting for Greenbatch and the Containers for Change schemes. Other Wipe Out Waste initiatives will be rolled out when our Environmental Leaders are elected and take up their roles in a few weeks.

The Greenbatch bin will be back next week at the end of the Science block for you to bring in items to be recycled.  Remember to use the City Beach Primary School scheme ID C10339291 when you take your items to a  Container for Change depot.

Here is what you can bring in for Greenbatch

  • PET (1) plastics (no bigger than 3L)
  • HDPE (2) plastics (no bigger than 3L)
  • Plastic bottle lids (no bigger than 5cm) – please
  • Aluminium drink cans
  • Glass bottles without metal lids
  • Bread tags

….and for the Containers For Change Program

Aluminium is a win.

Glass and plastic are always in.

Steel and paper are good to go.

But milk and wine bottles are a no.