You Can Do It

Our focus for Term 2 will be on the 7 values that form part of the You Can Do It Program. Life values are those that help you with decision-making and provide the building blocks for good character.  Values help us to be kind, be fair and be safe.

For students to feel safe and happy together, they need to know how to behave with others and also about and how to put into practice different values – ways to think, feel and behave such as caring, honesty and integrity. Here is an outline of the values we will be focussing on.

Caring: Caring for yourself and others.  Is it kind?

Fair Go: Being fair to others.

Freedom: Making sure that everyone can say how they feel and what they think without being afraid or interrupted.

Honesty: Always telling the truth

Integrity: Doing the right thing even if no-one is watching.

Respect: Being kind to others and caring about nature and other living things.

Being Responsible: Making good choices to do the right thing; sorting out problems without fighting; being helpful to family, friends and teachers.

We will focus on one of these values each week during our City Beach Radio Broadcast and Stand Up Assembly. Staff will look for students demonstrating this value in the class and playground. When dealing with behaviour staff will also focus on 3 key questions – Is it kind? Is it safe? Is it safe? These assist students to focus in the character values and monitor their own behaviour and influence over the situation.