You Can Do It

Over the year we have looked at the five You Can Do It Keys to Success and the core values from the new You Can Do It – Program Achieve materials.  For Term 4 we will be looking at the keys and the values together to embed the language and concepts that aim to develop and support Social and Emotional development and behaviours in all children.  These will be spoken about with students at the Stand-up Assembly, on City Beach Radio and in the classroom.  It will also be a focus for the teachers for the weekly Student of the Week awards.  .

Here is the plan for Term 4:

Key Value
Weeks 1-2 Getting Along Caring / Fair Go
Week 3 Organisation Being responsible
Weeks 4-5 Confidence Freedom / Respect
Week 6 Persistence Honesty
Week 7 Resilience Integrity
Weeks 8 – 10 Embedding the language of YCDI in the school